January 23, 2012
One Year (Balladitty) [draft]

Wonderful noises

Filled this home

A year before.


Vengeful voices


Then silent once more.



The year before,

On the steps of our home

Awaiting her return.


Our relationship was feeble.

Still, we pretended with people

It had aged to perfection.


Marked with permanent needles,

The scar from rouge to pale

Did not leave its affection.


Two hearts returned once more

To the hearth ablaze, which

Warmed wanting bodies,

No longer to yearn.


Thru the glass, she sighed.

I felt no desire

To fight another year.


Before her I lie,

Speaking with restrain;

There was too much to fear. 


Held close her bosom,

With faithless assurance.

Failed to leave asylum,

Where we dreamt forlorn.


Still, she did wonder,

“Was marriage a blunder?”

Or was that a thought of my own?


The choice to sunder

Made two souls quiver.

Emotions had overblown.



Of three years passed.

Lust for hostile ties…

Maybe this existence was mourned.



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